The objective of the project is to give the fleet of 17 Menai Straits One Design yachts a chance of surviving in a healthy state to their 90 birthday in 2027 and then beyond. We intend to do this by:

1. Funding an Apprenticeship in Maritime Engineering (Wood Working)

2. Increasing the ownership and use of the boats  

To do that we need to raise funds and encourage new enthusiastic members to join us in maintaining and sailing the boats.


If you like it bring somebody else along to try it. Sailing these boats is generally gentle. They are reasonably safe, so good as family day boats as well as fun to race. 
We race in the summer on Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. All are welcome. Our aim is to designate one ‘guest’ yacht so that genuinely interested people can have use of her.

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While we are aiming to fund a boat builder to assist with the highly skilled work, there is plenty of routine work to be done.  In a few days are likely to get an overview of what we are trying to achieve and quite possible acquire some new skills.

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We have a small team to do this but are glad of support and new ideas. There is however a camaraderie both in success and adversity as we are turned down for small grants then suddenly receive a larger one from an unexpected source.

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While strategy is both to get organisations and businesses to fund us, we are actively asking friends, relatives and friends of friends to support us with a small monthly contribution – as little as £1 a month (although many have contributed much more).
This is more to do with engaging people than actually getting the money is as we believe people are more likely to participate if actively financially committed irrespective of amount of donation. We will endeavour to bring to the wider group of participants, donors and benefactors together to celebrate at points when we reach the specific milestones of the project.

Collecting Money