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‘Supporting Heritage, Creating Opportunity, Embracing Social Responsibility’

Embracing social responsibility and making a difference is a key objective of the MSHS project. The Project Trustees acknowledge profoundly the wide-ranging impact that Covid-19 and other World events have had on emotional well-being and Mental Health.

We understand that the impact is diverse, including bereavement and loss issues, isolation and loneliness, or exacerbation of previously well-managed Mental Health conditions.  There are other challenges too present in the local area resulting from loss of employment and services, as well as personal challenges experienced by members of our community due to ageing or physical and mental health issues.

We are pragmatic enough to acknowledge the limitations of our project in terms of an overall impact on that situation. However, we believe that we do have a positive role to play and that there is an opportunity and commitment to make a tangible difference in the well-being of individuals who get involved with our project within our wider commitment to community involvement. 

The focus of the project is to create a hub as a community resource, providing an opportunity for recreation, skills training, and socialisation with the object of promoting social inclusivity for members of the local community (Seiriol Ward) and the wider community (Ynys Mon and Gwynedd) through the process of Social Prescription, a referral from other primary Health and Social care agencies and by self-referral. 

We believe that we have the commitment, the environment, and the skills to support volunteers to benefit from their involvement in the project. We aim to promote greater inclusivity and diversity as well as inter-generational opportunities.

We have commenced offering sailing opportunities ahead of our planned timeline.

In 2022 we took approximately 18 volunteers sailing increasing in subsequent years. Having now established an agreement for safety/rescue services this will continue to be offered at no cost. These volunteers included men with a brain injury, a diagnosis of dementia, students from the local college, members of the local Ukrainian community as well as several other local residents (see "Why go sailing?")
The shed has now been secured in the form of Unit 6A on Gallows Point which will become the hub in the ensuing months. By the end of 2024, we will be offering a minimum of 30 hours per week of community time with the objective of raising this to 60+ hours per week by the end of 2025.

The role Heritage plays in social inclusivity is discussed on the Heritage page, and it is those aspects and characteristics we will use to promote social interaction and psychological well-being.  


All attending will be described as volunteers irrespective of their role in the Project to avoid any stigma associated with being part of the Project. 

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