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Firstly, sincere thanks to the group of MS owners and other involved and interested people who have unanimously placed their faith in the Trustees to do the utmost to progress this project.   




Thanks to Ian Bradley for sacrificing hours he won’t ever get back searching his back catalogue for MS photo’s selflessly allowing use of them on this site.


Thanks also to the various unknown and thus unacknowledged photographers whose photos assist in bringing the MS story to life.  


Thanks to the late Dennis Newell for the excellent book published to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the fleet.

Thanks to John, Nina and Adrian at Classic Sailboats for their support and flexibility in their involvement with the Project



The National Heritage Lottery, without whose funding this project would not have been possible

Alison Newell for the gifting of Taeping to the Project and generous donation to start the account!

Beaumaris Town Council

Cymdeithas Elusennol Ynys Mon

Ynys Mon County Council (Mon Actif)

HMS Conway Association

The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights

RYA Wales

Rotary Organisation

Soroptimists International 

Asda Foundation

Sports Wales


Tesco Groundwork Scheme

Oakdale Trust

Archer Trust

First Hydro/Engie

Welsh Water

Community Trust Fund Wales

Radcliffe Trust

Matthew Goode Foundation

Welsh Government – Community Facilities Fund

The Chapman Trust

The Swire Trust

The Steele Foundation 

A wide range of individual benefactors  - initialed for anonymity AR, MH, LU, TB, JL, RR, HG-B, SG, FD, AR, I&JJ, SM, JW, JL, PT, SH, LW, RE (Anglesey), IR, JK, EC, EH, SG (London), AK, GR, PW, M&KM, BM, PC (Warrington), GD (Sheffield), J&PD (Gloucester) ED (Hong Kong), A-ML (Worcester) AF (St Helens), NM (Lewes), M&NC, DM (Stockport), L&PP (Handforth, J&BB (Blackburn) KC (Wirral),  SM (Swansea), C&A) (Chester),  KP, SM (Wirral), JR (Liverpool), MJ (Gwynedd),  MS (Massachusetts), C&IF (Altrincham), HB (Heytesbury), AP (Clwyd).

Thanks to The Charity Commission for agreeing our CIO status from 1st December 2023. Charity No 1206008.

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